Professional Coaching

Scott Wells

Proud owner of Lift Strong Run Fast

My name is Scott Wells, I’m the Proud Owner of Lift Strong Run Fast.  Many years ago I wanted to give people a different perspective on how they view health and fitness. I originated a methodology  and called it Lift Strong Run Fast.  It was personal expression on what I thought health and fitness should be. I based it off of four principals.

1. Discipline
2. Recovery
3. Balance
4. Longevity



$165 — Unlimited Monthly
$125 — 2x Per Week
*ask about our intro specials


F.I.T. — Beginner training
LSRF — Recovery based strength and conditioning program


5am – 8pm Mondays-Thursdays
5am – 6pm Fridays
10am-12pm Saturdays

Pushing Your limits